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6757 Cascade Road SE #166
Grand Rapids , Michigan
United States 49546
Weather Issues

6/13, 4:08 pm

We are currently assessing the fields and will continue to do so and will update the web site when we are able. For now:


The Senior game scheduled for 6:00 PM is still planned but the field is in rough shape and we aren’t sure we can make it playable. Please check back for updates.

The Minor game scheduled for Field 5 is CANCELLED.

The Major game will tentatively start at 6:00 PM instead of 5:30 PM. 

The Rookie game scheduled for 6:30 will be played on Lions 5 instead of Lions 4.

The Youth game on Lions 3 will tentatively start at 6:00 PM.

2019 Playoffs
The updated Playoff bracket is posted in "Documents" in the upper right of this page.  Please email tvblbaseball@gmail.com with any questions.  Good luck!
Upcoming games
TVBL Bat Rules

Effective April 2018, TVBL welcomes bats conforming to the USA Baseball standard.  These bats have a 2 5/8" barrel diameter and are conspicuously marked with a "USA Baseball" stamp just above the handle.  USA Baseball bats perform similarly to wood bats (which are also allowed in all TVBL leagues)

In addition, depending on level of play, the following bats may be allowed in TVBL: 

1.     Senior League: in our oldest league, the widest range of bats are permitted.  In addition to USA Baseball bats, we allow bats with the 1.15, or "USSSA", stamp, at the 2 1/4", 2 5/8", and 2 3/4" diameters.  The full "travel bat" option can be used in Senior.  BBCOR,  or high school, bats are also allowed.

2.      Major League:  bats up to 2 5/8" in diameter may bear the 1.15 BPF/USSSA stamp.  2 3/4" bats are NOT allowed in the Major League

3.      Instructional, Youth, Minor, and Rookie Leagues:  the only 1.15/USSSA bats that may be used are those limited to 2 1/4" in diameter.  Otherwise, these leagues are limited to USA Baseball bats.