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Baseball Bat Rules


Written by: League Administrator
Monday, March 12, 2012

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Rules Summary


All bats must be one of the following:


·         Wooden

·         Aluminum Alloy (no composite bats)

·         BBCOR Certified


In all leagues except Senior, bats may not be larger than 2 ¼ inches.


History and Details of the Bat Rules


Bat manufacturers have gotten more and more sophisticated in the materials and designs of bats, allowing players to hit the ball harder and farther than they otherwise would be able.  As a consequence, safety concerns have arisen, especially in our leagues where pitchers are standing only 46 feet away from the plate.  These same safety concerns caused the National Little League to ban all composite bats, and then engage in an extensive testing program, approving composite bats on a bat-by-bat basis.  Not only does the approval list change daily, but in several instances, Little League has de-listed a bat which had been previously approved.  TVBL has found that standard to be unworkable and unenforceable.


The manufacturers and the various baseball leagues (Little League, Pony, USSSA, Cal Ripken, etc) are working on a national standard that will satisfy all the safety concerns.  However, until such a standard exists, TVBL has decided that the only responsible and enforceable thing to do is to ban all composite bats and all “double barrel” bats, with the exception of BBCOR Certified bats, which are generally only used by high school players and which can only be found in “drop 3.”  (Drop size is the length in inches minus the weight in ounces.  Thus a 33 inch bat that weighs 22 ounces is a drop 11.)


We realize this will result in some inconvenience and that players may need to purchase a new bat.  That is why we have partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods to offer coupons good for 10% off a new bat.  In addition, on TVBL’s “League Day” with Dick’s - Saturday, March 24th – you will receive an additional 15% off your entire purchase (on top of the 10% coupons).


If you are unsure whether your bat complies with the new rule, we will have several pre-season “inspection” days where you can have your bat pre-approved and marked with a special security tape.  We will send an email to everyone with notification of those dates.

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