Revised Bat Rules

Effective March 13, 2018, TVBL is allowing players in all leagues to use the new 2 5/8" (barrel diameter) bats meeting the "USABat" standard as sanctioned by USA Baseball. These bats will be stamped with the "USA Baseball" logo.

This change represents an expansion of the bats available to players at the Minor and younger leagues. The 2 5/8" USA Baseball bats are an option in addition to the existing 2 1/4" bats (with 1.15 BPF stamps) allowed in all leagues.

Under the expanded approach, bats in Minor and younger leagues can have larger barrels, but only if they meet the lower performance-factor USABat standard: a 2 5/8" (barrel diameter) bat can be used in Minors and younger leagues only if it bears the "USA Baseball" stamp. And a 1.15 BP-stamped bat is permissible in those leagues only if the player is using the thinner 2 1/4" (barrel diameter) bat.

Major and Senior league bat rules will not change this year.

Please be sure to check the BPF stamp before buying, and ask a sporting goods employee for help if you're not sure.

To be clear, this change does not require anyone to buy a new bat. Your player may still use a 2 1/4", 1.15 BPF bat in any league.

The TVBL Bat Rules for the applicable leagues have been revised accordingly.